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Welcome to Tae’s Tea

Welcome to Tae’s Tea Welcome to Tae’s Tea

My Story


As a young girl, I would make visits to the East Coast every summer with my

family and every year we would visit a tea shop. My mom would let me and each of my sisters pick out a tea for the summer. I remember it always being so fun smelling and sampling all of the different teas! I had never seen such a big selection and did not realize how many yummy teas there were besides the plain black and green teas that most restaurants and cafes offer.

 Every time we would return back home to the West Coast, I would be so sad because I could never find such good, fresh selections of tea. 

In 3rd grade I decided that tea was my passion and I would work in that industry when I became older. The idea of a tea cafe came from being in high school and college and always meeting at coffee shops to socialize or study and I never became a big fan of coffee so I was always stuck ordering an impartial earl grey or chamomile (which are great teas but they get old over time). I wanted to open a cafe that was the opposite of a coffee shop; one that specialized and catered to tea drinkers but serves coffee on the side. We look for quality products in everything that we serve and we support other businesses and families just like ours!

Our Products

Our tea comes from all over the world. Tea is not grown in the United States but I have teamed up with a company that gets premium tea from all over the world. Our flavored blends consist of dried fruits and spices to naturally flavor the tea without adding sugar or calories. Our food comes from the local Sweet Pea Farm & Orchard to provide fresh, organic meals on the go.



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